The Revolution Begins

These are dark and scary times we are entering. Our country has elected a racist bigot who has no respect for women and who seems willing to take way the rights of LGBTQ folks. When I first heard the news I was shocked, I made my way home and sobbed, plotting my move to Canada. The next day was kind of a haze, but amid the haze I realized I would not abandon my home and community out of fear. Yesterday I went for a body/energy treatment, which was amazing. If you are in the Portland area Laura is offering this on a donation basis during the month of November as a way to help people during this stressful time. Check it out here.

I went in feeling the weight of the world on my body, not just what has been going on politically but the turmoil that has been going on in my personal life as well. I cannot tell you how healing this was for me to take this time for self care. I walked out of there feeling so much better emotionally. I felt myself surrounded by a pink bubble shield of protection only letting in love and letting out love. My body and spirit felt measurably better.

Today I have realized that no matter what happens in the world at large and in my personal world I can start my own revolution. It begins with the knowledge that I am okay. It is okay to be my authentic self. It is okay to be happy. I will move through this world with a radical and deep seated sense of self love. I will live as an openly queer woman with Pride. I will do my best to spread love in this world and show kindness to every single person I encounter.

If things unfold as I fear they will in this country, I will stand up for those who are oppressed, in love and solidarity. Every day I will protect my heart and only let in love. Every day I will practice loving-kindness meditation.  Every day I will recommit to loving myself and remembering that I shine the brightest when I am my full authentic self. Every day I will find a way to give love to this world, to people close to me and to strangers. I will build community and strengthen the friendships I have. I will cherish this precious and beautiful life I have.

My revolution is love.


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