The day before

Tomorrow I will declare my love, my intentions, and pledge myself in marriage.

This is the third time I have married ; the first two times were to the father of my son. I have learned much in the intervening years.

I have learned to never make a promise I cannot keep.

Tomorrow I will state my intent  and hope to love my wife and to be together forever but I will also promise to release them from our marriage should they ever believe that is is not right. I will promise to tell them right away if I ever come to the conclusion that this relationship no longer works for me, instead of stringing them along. Does this mean I won't fight to make it work when times are tough? Absolutely not. We have already encountered tough times and my commitment remains steady.

I will also promise to support them on their own journey as an individual. I will promise to give and take space as needed.

People have told me that making promises like these is not romantic. Many think that when you get married you must promise until death do you part and two lives becoming one and all of that.

I don't want to become one person. I want us to be two strong independent people who make the choice every day to be together as long as that choice feels right.

All we have is today really.


  1. This is one of the many things I love about you. You get it. You live in this reality even when it comes to romance. Sending tons of love and blessings for your beautiful day.

  2. Making promises you can keep is the most romantic thing EVER!

    I love you and congratulations.

  3. Beautiful. As are you. I am so lucky to have your love, and to be able to give you mine. I love you over the moon. <3


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