The Spring of my Grief

It changed over night
Suddenly hers and hers bathrooms
Our toothbrushes
No longer hang out
In the same holder

I couldn't have known
That our uncoupling
Would lead to
Me covering up my skin
No longer free

Distance sprang up
In a matter of days
This I did not expect
Could not
Foresee that it would happen so quickly

Overnight you became
A stranger in my home
Yet unknown to me
My house no longer a home

I mourn
This death of Us
Wishing we could formally grieve
Hold a funeral where with all of our loved ones
We recall the joy we shared

And afterwards a potluck


  1. Oh, my love... I ache for you, feel solidarity with you, remembering my own stumbling walks through the dark alleyway of grief and loss. It is harsh how abruptly things change, even when you participated in the initiation of that change. Be gentle with yourself and her, you each will find your own way, as you must. I hope that your wishes for a gentle, loving break up come true. I adore you.

    This is not ugly break up poetry, this is beautiful, raw, aching necessary..


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