Looking Forward (Obligatory New Year is approaching post)

What will 2017 hold for me?


Letting go of relationships that are not meant for me and nurturing relationships that feed my soul. For me the greatest joy in life is connecting with amazing people, so I plan to do more of that with more people. 

My marriage has ended and will also come to a legal end shortly. I will let it go with gratitude for the lessons learned and the beautiful times that were shared.

I am richly blessed with the most incredibly loving and supportive family one could hope for. I plan to spend more time with them and cherish every minute of it including celebrating my son's marriage in June. I am also excited about spending more time with my birth mother's family and getting to know some of my cousins and aunts and uncles better.


Winter - I'm starting the year off with a bang by traveling with friends to the women's march in Washington DC in January. We are all crashing in a basement airbnb on the cheap and sharing a 7 person mini van with 8 people (good thing I'm short and can just fit in the hatch in the back).

Spring - My bestie and I have a weekend we need to get on the books for wine tasting, all the girl talk, and gorge hikes.

Summer- For my birthday in July I am planning a week long epic road trip/camping/hiking extravaganza that I am super excited for. I have another camping/hiking trip planned in August with some new friends and people I don't know, which is always exciting. I hope to put more on the books and hopefully host a few weekends at my cabin with various friend groups. Want to go camping with me? Let's plan something :-)

Autumn I have tentative plans to go to Gay Days at Disneyland again and am hopeful that Star Wars land is open by then. If not, I may skip Gay Days this year and go camping at Big Sur or buzz up to Canada instead.

In December I'll go back to Reno for a weekend to visit my college bestie and attend a really fun Holiday party that I now have a standing invitation to (yippee!). She is also visiting me this summer with her family, which is super exciting!

I am mulling over ideas of what to do with the rest of my vacation time on a fairly limited budget. I may visit other friends around the states. Travel is so much cheaper when there is a couch to crash on instead of paying for accommodations. Richmond, Virginia and Phoenix, Arizona are places where I have friends I may visit. (I really need to make a friend in Maine, I've always wanted to go there)

If things work out, perhaps I will pop down to Mexico --Tulum or Xcalak (which someone recently told me about and now I can't stop daydreaming about it) after Christmas 2017 and maybe go diving and ring in New Year 2018 in the Caribbean sea in Mexico. (Thank God for frequent flier miles)

All I know is I have 26 days of PTO waiting for me in 2017 and I hope to not spend more than 1 - 3 of them for sick days/stay at home days.

Getting My Shit Together

Paying off debt. Divorce is expensive, I will be saddled with quite a bit of debt when all is said and done. The burden of debt isn't so great feeling, so I hope to live cheap and pay off as much as I can in 2017.  This means changing my lifestyle a bit and saying no to dinners out and not attending as much live theater, going to the movies on $5 Tuesdays instead of $12 Saturdays. It means saying yes to playing cards with friends in their homes or mine, potlucks, movie nights, hiking etc. You can bet as soon as I have a place to live again and am not couch surfing I will plan a gathering. This also works out well for my relationships with quality people goal.

Body Stuff I've lost quite a bit of weight in the past two years, which is exciting, but I also found that the more weight I lost the more self conscious I felt about my own body, which makes no sense. So I'm going to try to only step on the scale once a month and instead focus on the amazing things my body can do. I for sure plan to do more hiking which has been wonderful for both my body and mind. I want to get back into the gym routine and lifting because it makes me feel mighty. I'm hoping to take an extended self defense/martial arts type class and get back into diving even if it is cold water diving.  I have no weight loss goal. I just want to try to eat the good stuff more than the bad stuff because it makes my body and mind feel great.

Feeding my soul and brain

This will happen via book club, semi regular film nights with fellow film buffs including a discussion (much like book club without reading), learning more about photography and maybe working on a project I have cooking in my brain, journaling, and finding more avenues of to explore/express the spiritual side of myself.

I will also find ways to give back to my community, when things settle down on a personal level I hope to find a regular volunteer opportunity. I will also continue to make my voice heard about the political and social issues that matter to me so much.

Well for the two of you who have read this entire blog, thanks for reading my ramblings....most importantly this is a record for me to look back on during the year to remind myself of what I will make of 2017.


  1. Love it and thank you for sharing. I too want a friend in Maine and have always wanted to go there. The boys told me during our trip to AL that they want to travel and we all discussed that Mexico should be next on our list :) - Sunny

    1. Let's make a friend in Maine together! :-)

  2. Great stuff! And I'm here to support all the things! I can't wait for summer hiking and our bestie weekend(s)! :)


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